Scandal of 260 rapists who struck again after being released from jail early – attacking one woman every week

Dan Warburton of Mirror Online writes:
Rapists freed from jail have gone on to rape again at the rate of one a week.
We discovered that 264 sexual predators released from prison over the past five years went on to strike again.
Our revelations will raise fears that rapists are often being released too soon.
We also revealed that rapist policeman Stephen Mitchell – feared to have attacked up to 30 women – has been freed less than seven years after being jailed for life.
David Spencer, Research Director at the Centre for Crime Prevention, said: “It would seem self-evident to most people that someone found guilty of a violent sex crime should not be released back into the community until we are sure beyond reasonable doubt that they will not re-offend.
“Given that many attacks are taking place very shortly after release from prison, this is clearly not the case.

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