Schools told to prioritise trans students’ needs

Child protection rules quietly introduced by the Labor government have forced some of Victoria’s most elite schools to prioritise the needs of transgender students ahead of their classmates.
Former education minister James Merlino signed a ministerial order shortly before he left office requiring schools and boarding schools to “pay particular attention” to the needs of students who are trans and gender diverse.
The order means schools will not normally tell parents if their child is sharing a room on a school camp, or a dorm at a boarding school, with a transgender child.
The Herald Sun last week revealed the family pulled their daughter out of Geelong Grammar after a student who was born male but identified as female was placed in her dormitory at the prestigious Timbertop campus.
The Sunday Herald Sun can reveal a gender fluid student was also placed in female dorms at the Timbertop campus five years ago.
The mother of a student who attended the school said her daughter “had no rights” when she questioned the behaviour of that student, who was biologically male but who sometimes identified as female.
“My daughter would wake up at night and this student was standing at the end of the bed staring at her,” she said.

Source: Schools told to prioritise trans students’ needs

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  1. Yes, schools need to be vigilant when it comes to students’ rights to be safe, to have ‘child protection’ (sic) rules applied in a way that the rights of all children are honoured? If a school decided to go co-ed with dormitories, bathrooms, lavatories etc – wouldn’t parents have a right to be told and to know? Haven’t parents a right to know that schools are deciding to place students in dormitories on the basis of ‘identification’ and ditto bathrooms, lavatories, etc rather than on the basis of sex which has been the rule applied previously? To conceal changes in approach from parents is to deprive parents of the right to determine whether they wish their children to be housed, etc in such a way or not? If a single sex school is going co-ed, doesn’t it consult with parents on this issue or at least advise that this change in policy is coming about or has come about? Some parents consider co-ed is ‘good’, some preference single-sex schooling for their children. Don’t they have a right to consider whether their children will attend an ‘identity’ based school provision? Some might say this is about prejudice. However, let that issue then be argued out publicly so that parents can express their view or at least make decisions about their children’s schooling rather than adopting a stealth approach to children’s education.

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