One thought on “See What You Made Me Do | Documentary | SBS On Demand”

  1. I attended a vigil in my local regional town for all those people unfortunately losing thier lives through Domestic Violence, particularly women and children. Holding a candle honouring those that loss thier lives was a sombre night and I shed a tear, but strangely it was also a very peaceful night where the community came together acknowledging the loss of lives through DV. It makes you angry that these lives were taken unnecessarily. Surely, it doesn’t have to end up this way. What can we do to find a better solution to our problems.

    The people running the event advised me to watch this program, which was showing on TV that night. I thought I already knew a lot about DV, but the TV program taught me so much more, eg, the final acknowledgement of the beginning of understandings about co-ercise control and the old views of DV survivors being responsible for the perpetrator’s actions finally being dismantled. Now we are finally becoming aware of the patterns of DV, what are we going to do about it?

    I learnt about the technological use of co-ercise control as well, and wish to know more about the methods used by perpetrator’s of DV within this regard. The stories of DV sufferings and struggles that women and children are going through made me shed another tear.

    I believe young and older women need more education on how to identify the perpetrator, so they can intuitively not open the door and niavely walk into the devil’s Lear. That way they don’t have to Learn the hard way, which could lead to it being to late and a tragedy occurs.

    The lives that were loss unnecessarily is a tragedy. So how can we turn this around and avoid the perpetrator’s path getting the upper hand?

    Within the TV program there was a women who lost a family member from DV, and stated that nobody won in the aftermath of the DV tragedy, not even the perpetrator.

    Maybe as a solution to turn these DV tragedy stats around, I believe, is we need more education about the patterns of perpetration, and how to identify them and deal with them as a means of deterrence, and stopping it in its tracks before it can manifest into a monster. That way no-one gets caught up in developing these negative patterns.

    After watching the TV program it reminded me of the chapter story of Bluebeard within the book titled Women who run with the wolves by Clarissa Pinkola Estes. A great source for identifying and understanding the perpetrator, as a means to overpower it. A recommended very empowering source for young and older women, or even for anyone.

    I shared the TV program link to my 23 yr old daughter. I hope she watches it too.

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