Sharon Stone Reveals Why She Lost Custody—But It’s Not What She Thinks

Sharon Stone revealed for the first time Tuesday on iHeart’s Table for Two podcast why she lost custody of her young son—or, rather, why she believes she lost custody.

What she doesn’t realize is that the judge’s stated reasoning for his ruling was just a pretext.

Sharon’s case is unusual in that she was not found to be lying, alienating or mentally ill. Just too sexy. Actually, having acted too sexy.

The judge asked my child—my tiny, little, tiny boy, “Do you know your mother makes sex movies?”

The movie the judge was referring to, Basic Instinct, had come out 12 years before the custody battle even began. Stone became famous for this role, in which she plays a sociopathic, bisexual woman who is a murder suspect.

To think that a judge would take custody away from a loving mother due to an acting role that has no bearing on parenting is incomprehensible. It harkens back to the old witch trials.

But what many Coalition moms know is that is not really why Sharon lost custody. Sure, the misogynistic judge may have disapproved of her acting, but it’s crucial to not be fooled and misdirected by superficial judicial machinations.

Sharon’s case supports the Coalition’s position that the Custody Crisis is not essentially about abuse. She did not claim her ex was abusive to her son or her. In fact, there are plenty of women who’ve lost custody who did not report any abuse by their ex.

As every mom knows, it is the cruelest form of torture to be deprived of your child. Not to mention the trauma a child experiences being deprived of his mother. Sharon was restricted to just one brief visit a month with Roan.

The take away here is that Sharon would have lost custody anyway, whether she had played a too-sexy role or not. The truth is, the system is rigged so women do not have the power to maintain custody. So, women like Sharon, and millions of others around the world, should not feel it was their fault for having lost custody.

The problem is women do not know the Family Court system is rigged until it is too late. And many do not ever realize the real reason they lost custody. Sharon correctly states she experienced “abuse by the system” but does not appear to realize that abuse was a result of systemic male entitlement and it’s counterpart: systemic discrimination against women.

Source: Sharon Stone Reveals Why She Lost Custody—But It’s Not What She Thinks

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  1. Please provide coverage and reporting on the #standingforwomen rallies now around the country. So far only Sky news is covering Kellie-Jay Keen aka Posie Parker’s #letwomenspeak rallies. Which is shocking but completely unsurprising. I hope you try to interview her or give these events a spotlight. The Sydney event last weekend was very inspiring for biological adult females

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