Sign the Joint Letter to Demand Reddit Stop Facilitating IBSA

The popular online community Reddit is a haven of image-based-sexual abuse (IBSA).

Image-based sexual abuse (IBSA) is the creation, theft, extortion, threatened or actual distribution, or any use of sexualized or sexually explicit materials without the meaningful consent of the person depicted. Often, IBSA includes the use of sexually explicit or sexualized materials to groom or extort a person, or to advertise commercial sexual abuse.

  • Reddit has no meaningful age or consent verification for sexually explicit or suggestive content
  • Its moderation practices appear to be inefficient by design
  • “Leaked” or stolen sexually explicit images are easy to find on Reddit, and countless people post online about how their non-consensually shared images are circulated on Reddit

Help us hold Reddit accountable by signing this joint letter! (See full text here) In a few weeks we will send this joint letter to Reddit and also to media outlets to shed light on the exploitation Reddit facilitates.

Source: Sign the Joint Letter to Demand Reddit Stop Facilitating IBSA

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