Sky News suspends 25-year-old woman for publishing MP's sexist remarks

Undeterred by feedback that his remarks in the chamber on Thursday to Senator Sarah Hanson-Young was disgraceful he persisted on Sunday morning by telling the TV hosts that apparently she has a ‘well-known’ reputation for ‘liking men’.
Leyonhjelm’s insinuation about Hanson-Young – like his original comment in the Senate – was lewd and atrocious, and this time his disrespect was greeted with enough disapproval that there were consequences.
Not for him. He’s free to continue along his merry way as an elected representative and not for the two men who were hosting him.
No, there were consequences for the junior female producer on the show who put Leyonhjlem’s words into a ‘strap’, the text that runs at the bottom of the TV screen, as is a basic requirement of her job, and she has been temporarily suspended.
The part I cannot comprehend is that Sky News itself made this announcement, genuinely believing, it would seem, that the wrong-doer in this scenario really was the junior woman in the studio.
The good news is that it seems the hypocrisy and the inequity of punishing the lowest hanging fruit and making a scapegoat out of a 25 year old has not gone unnoticed.

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