‘Snake oil’: the popular IVF therapy that has just been proven useless

A common IVF treatment marketed as a fertility booster and costing hundreds of dollars is useless and clinics should stop offering it, experts say.
The procedure known as ‘endometrial scratching’ does not offer women a better chance of taking home a baby after IVF, found the largest and most comprehensive trial of the treatment.
Despite a lack of robust evidence, a recent survey found 83 per cent of fertility clinicians in Britain, Australia and New Zealand offer or recommend endometrial scratching at a cost hundreds of dollars to increase the chances of having a baby via IVF.
www.smh.com.au/national/snake-oil-the-popular-ivf-therapy-that-has-just-been-proven-useless-20190122-p50syu.html [category global, reproductive rights]

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