Spinster is in its infancy, but is already making waves in the Fediverse

On August 12th, Spinster, a women-first social media platform, burst into the Fediverse. In its first month, Spinster faced misogynistic attacks from both the left and the right, repeated attempts to de-platform us (including removal of its android app from the Google Play store), and threats against the site’s users. Despite this, Spinster has established itself as a place for feminist discussion, where a culture of sisterhood, sharing, and freedom has filled the gap tech giants like Twitter refuse to.

On Spinster, women are allowed to speak about male violence, sexism, and their bodies freely. Criticisms and questions about gender identity ideology are not shut down. As a result, trans activists like Joss Prior, Katy Montgomerie, and Arthur Chu have attempted to infiltrate the site in order to sow discord (despite the fact that it is an open platform that they are welcome to join), smear, and misrepresent the platform and its users. One individual threatened to dox Spinster users by posting their home addresses on the dark web. Some Fediverse users sent Spinster users rape and death threats, including pictures of pointed guns with the caption, “Shut the fuck up TERF.”

Despite the backlash, or maybe thanks to it, Spinster is becoming an unstoppable force of female determination in the Fediverse, and we refuse to be silenced.

Source: Spinster is in its infancy, but is already making waves in the Fediverse

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