Sport icons call for female-only sports, citing safety and fairness concern

Sporting legends Martina Navratilova, Sharron Davies and Daley Thompson have called for all women’s sport to be restricted to biological females.

They warned that gender ideology is compromising the safety and fairness of women and girls in grassroots sport.

Failure to act risks alienating a generation of young female athletes, they said.

The three former sports stars gave their backing to a new report today that calls on National Governing Bodies, the Government and the International Olympic Committee to enforce restrictions.

Some of the key findings show that the winning female from the London Marathon 2023 would be beaten by the 231st ranking male.

Every British long course swimming record broken by an elite female swimmer has been beaten by a teenage boy.

And the top male serve at Wimbledon Tennis Championships 2023 is at least 18 miles per hour faster than the top female serve.

The Department for Culture Media and Sport (DCMS) must require all National Governing Bodies, within 12 months, to update their policies to ensure there is a protected female single-sex category.

This should be made a condition of funding, with taxpayers’ funding withdrawn from those that do not protect female same-sex sport.

Sport England must inform parkrun that it is to collect participant data based on biological sex, not gender identity.

Parkrun must update all relevant course records to reflect this. If this does not happen within 12 months, taxpayers’ funding should be withdrawn.

Source: Sport icons call for female-only sports, citing safety and fairness concern

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