Stitched Up With Embroidered Accusations: Artist Jess de Wahls Cancelled

The Royal Academy of Arts in London pledged to avoid stocking art by Jess de Wahls after a social media campaign denounced her as a ‘TERF’.

Jess de Wahls is an artist who makes embroidered artworks and she is the most recent victim of a social media death by a thousand pricks. Pinned as a “TERF” by a community of vitriolic thread-based art Etsy sellers. On the command of a small clique of the sewist orthodoxy, the Royal Academy of Arts in London has denounced De Wahls after the crafty cabal called for her artwork to be removed from their online shop. This has been received with elation by the “be nice” crowd who make money from badly stitched aphorisms and trendy slogans about niceness, feminism and… cops being bastards.

De Wahls is no stranger to being stitched up by the gender cult. Writing in 2019 on the discovery of the transgender movement and her cancellation she stated “I worry because this notion of ‘wrong think’ and wrong speak’ feels eerily reminiscent of my east German childhood, and that’s actually quite terrifying.” Since then her art has been thematically tied in with women’s fight for sex-based rights and the ability to speak freely about the realities of our sex and social standing.

The Royal Academy should be ashamed of its behaviour and sets a dangerous precedent for its collection and curators. Will Picasso or Schiele be cancelled for their trespasses and abuse or is it only living women who stand up and speak the truth who are tossed out with the scraps?

Source: Stitched Up With Embroidered Accusations: Artist Jess de Wahls Cancelled

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