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Escaping violence and lesbophobia in their home country, lesbian refugees are sent by UNHCR to the Kakuma refugee camp. As they are seeking asylum due to their sexuality they are put in the LGB&T Block 13. This identifies them to other refugees in the camp and they suffer ongoing violence and abuse as a result. The UNHCR and Police have been informed of these crimes but do nothing to support them or keep them safe.

On the 12th of August 2020 FiLiA released a podcast episode after interviewing nine lesbian refugees. They spoke of the lack of food, constant physical and sexual abuse and lack of basic shelter for them and the other LGB&T refugees in Block 13 Kakuma camp.
Since then, Patricia a five-month-old baby has died after being hit with a tear gas canister and two young men Trinidad and Jordan, were attacked with a firebomb, Trinidad later died from his injuries. Despite this, as you can hear the women say in their own words, UNHCR are still failing to offer support and protection to the refugees.
FOR WAYS TO HELP please read this CAMPAIGN PACK, which details how you can support including: donating funds, signing a petition, emailing UNHCR (the pack includes a draft letter & addresses) and sharing on social media.

Source: Support the Kakuma Campaign — FiLiA

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