‘Surprising’ family court reforms rejected | 7NEWS.com.au

The federal government has ruled out key recommendations from a major review into the family courts.

The government has released its response to an Australian Law Reform Commission inquiry into family law.

The government rejected the commission’s call for the establishment of state and territory family courts and child protection laws.

The government acknowledged the recommendation proposed one way to fix the “broken” split court system.

“But the alternative structure it proposes represents radical change to the federal, state and territory court systems and in the best possible scenario, would take years to fully implement, and in the most likely case scenario would not succeed past the early stages,” it said.

The government also rejected a proposal to repeal laws requiring the courts to consider allowing children to spend significant time with each parent.

In its response, the government agreed wholly, in principle or in part with 35 recommendations.

It noted six recommendations and disagreed with six.

Source: ‘Surprising’ family court reforms rejected | 7NEWS.com.au

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