Swedish court upholds ruling against midwife claiming conscientious objection – Safe Abortion : Women’s Right

A Swedish Labour Court has ruled that a midwife, in an appeal regarding a lower court’s verdict against her, confirmed the view that she had not been discriminated against by Jönköping County. The County decided not to employ her in a summer job in 2013 because she had refused to assist in abortion care and also objected to giving out the morning-after pill or inserting the IUD, on grounds of her Christian faith. She was subsequently refused positions at two other hospitals in the region as well.

On 14 April, the complainant announced that she had decided to take the case to the European Court of Human Rights, which may always have been her aim and the aim of her US backers, given that issues of conscientious objection may be treated differently. Her backers are a large anti-abortion organisation from the USA, where tying up court time with legal challenges has become a full-time anti-abortionist occupation.


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