Sydney Lord Mayor downgrades feminist legal clinic | Sky News Australia

“Self-described feminist” Sydney Lord Mayor Clover Moore has decided to downgrade the rating of a legal service for girls and women because she feels its values conflict with those of the city, says Sky News reporter Caroline Marcus.“In particular, she’s referring to some of the views that this legal service – the feminist legal clinic – has shared around transgender rights and the transgender movement,” Ms Marcus told Sky News host Chris Kenny.“It’s principal solicitor says she believes you cannot change your gender, that women are women, that men are men; although she’s happy for anyone to express their gender however they please.”Ms Moore on Monday night said the Sydney City Council has a “very inclusive non-discriminatory policy” which “very much includes trans people”.According to Ms Marcus, the legal clinic – which has been operating out of a council-run site in the inner city since 2017 – is set to lose its premises as the council downgrades its rating. The City of Sydney council will vote on Monday night and is expected to terminate the clinic’s lease.

Source: Sydney Lord Mayor downgrades feminist legal clinic | Sky News Australia

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  1. I have emailed Clover Moore, Keryn Phelps and Christine Forster at City of Sydney. They are doing precisely what their equivalents in the UK are now desperately trying to undo. The City of Sydney has a ‘very-inclusive non-discriminatory policy’ which very much excludes anybody who dares to think for themselves.

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