Tampon designed for trans men faces backlash from trolls

A Finnish sanitary product manufacturer is getting hate online for launching a tampon aimed at trans men and non-binary folks.

Vuokkoset launched the product during Transgender Awareness Week as a means of addressing the gender dysphoria trans men and non-binary people feel around menstruation, with the aim of changing perceptions of periods and reducing the distress it can cause.

In a press release as part of the campaign, the brand cited research which shows 93 per cent of trans men have experienced menstrual-related gender dysphoria.

“No, they haven’t invented something new for a bodily function men do not have,” anti-trans account Two Genders One Truth – which has 5,000 followers – also wrote, “They put tampons inside a box that says “for men.” Companies like Vuokkoset perpetuate a belief in “transgenderism” out of pure self interest. They profit from creating a market of mutilated, medicalized, and confused women.”

Source: Tampon designed for trans men faces backlash from trolls

2 thoughts on “Tampon designed for trans men faces backlash from trolls”

  1. It’s obviously patently ridiculous. Akin to making condoms for transwomen as ‘not only men ejaculate’…

    And where in the supermarket isle will they be put? Period care section? I note that new isle name is already gender neutral. Or will it be under men’s toiletries? Next to masculine razors in blue colours as opposed to feminine razors (the same item) only in pink?

    How obsessed do we have to become about the ever increasing subtlety of gender differentiation?

  2. Bit rude to refer to “Two Genders One Truth” as “anti trans. Does the account advocate for harming people who identify as trans? Or does it simply point out the idiocy of trans ideology.

    If women who identify as “trans” or “nonbinary” have such dysphoria about their bodies that the sight of a box of tampons is distressing to them, they need intense psychological counseling, not pandering from feminine hygiene companies.

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