Tassie pool protest against ‘sex self-ID’ – Women’s Action Alliance Canberra


Tasmanians demanding the repeal of gender self-identification laws in Tasmania gathered outside the Hobart Acquatic Centre on Friday, 3 Feb, to raise awareness of the fact that men can enter changerooms with women and girls with legal impunity. Our Tassie colleagues report that (apart from the hostility of a couple of the typical, angry types) patrons were supportive of the protest, indicating that the majority of Tasmanians would back the repeal of ‘sex self-ID’ laws.

An ABC camerawoman turned up and filmed, but no interviews were sought, perhaps mirroring what WAAC has experienced in similar situations, i.e., Auntie send someone out to gather intel on us, but isn’t terribly interested in advancing its editorial policy 4 to report impartially and provide a diversity of perspectives: we have noted elsewhere that Women and parents concerned about the impact of gender identity ideology on kids are almost never interviewed by the ABC.

The protesters advocate for the reinstatement of single-sex facilities in addition to ‘all gender’ facilities specifically for trans-identified and gender-diverse people in all public venues.

It is, in fact, deeply offensive to girls and women to suggest that their safety and dignity must be subordinate to that of men who self-identify as women. Further, the rights of culturally diverse people, Muslim, and Orthodox Jewish women have been completely ignored from this discussion. The failure to mention lesbians rights in the editorial, highlights yet again a very male-orientated perspective.

In the final analysis, real inclusion must consider the needs of all groups in our community. To suggest otherwise perpetuates an anti-woman position and an aggressive intolerance to diversity of opinion.

Source: Tassie pool protest against ‘sex self-ID’ – Women’s Action Alliance Canberra

One thought on “Tassie pool protest against ‘sex self-ID’ – Women’s Action Alliance Canberra”

  1. The ABC is pushing transgenderism as hard as it possibly can. ABC is a major force in highlighting how ‘brave’ and how ‘proud’ men are who identify as women (and women who identify as men for that matter) and damn the consequences.

    I have found their coverage of this whole epidemic of gender insanity maddening really. There is no comments section on their web site where one can express their disgust at their coverage. I remember there used to be years ago…

    ABC is a toxic brand when it comes to women’s rights and to humanities binary reality. the binary reality of mammals really… it is, in fact, ‘unnatural’ in it’s perverse push for everything trans.

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