The 2030 goal to see world free from legislation that discriminates against women

There is a movement afoot. People all across the globe are vocally and visibly opposing laws that for too long have kept women from justice. The notorious ‘marry your rapist’ laws are toppling, because of citizen activism, government action, UN Women coordination and global voices speaking out.

Despite some progress in the last few years, it is estimated that 90% of countries around the world still have at least one discriminatory law in their legal frameworks. This includes laws protecting perpetrators of rape from prosecution if they are married or if they marry the victim, like Amina. Laws banning female genital mutilation or child marriage that are not enforced. Laws that don’t protect survivors of violence who pursue court action.

Earlier this year, the Roadmap for Substantive Equality: 2030 (Roadmap) was launched. The Roadmap is a UN Women initiative which focuses on repealing or amending discriminatory laws, and supports the implementation of national laws to advance human rights and gender equality.

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