The alarm has been sounded, who’s going to respond?

Opinion By Heather Mason CA — .

For months, I have spoken out about prisoners seeking transfers to women’s prisons from men’s prisons, because women I know, my sisters inside, are dealing with a new form of abuse: biological male prisoners, some who genuinely claim trans identity and some who don’t, peeping through their cell windows, walking around in nightgowns with their penises in full view, saying they can have sex with any women they want, engaging in harassing and grooming behaviours, sexually assaulting women in bathrooms, and on and on and on. I say some do not genuinely claim trans identity, because I’ve heard many reports from women that some of the recent transfers brag about being men and playing the system to secure their transfers to a women’s prison.

Source: The alarm has been sounded, who’s going to respond? | Women Are Human

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