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The High Court has been considering the question of transgender women (i.e. people who were born male) in the female prison estate. That’s after a legal action was brought by a woman in a female jail who says she was sexually assaulted by a trans prisoner. The prison service hasn’t denied that this assault took place.The claimant, was imprisoned between October 2016 and June 2020, argued that prison service policy in England and Wales is unlawful because it exposes women in the female estate to the increased risk of sexual assault by transwomen prisoners, a risk that is not similarly posed to male prisoners in the male estate.That prison service policy, in essence, says that at least some transwomen offenders should be allowed to serve their sentence in the female estate if they wish. The claim failed and the court ruled that prison policy is lawful.

Source: The court judgement that confirms women pay for trans rights | The Spectator

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  1. Welcome to the rule of law, where, if the law is wrong then the outcome will also be wrong. Courts enforce the letter of the law ‘as it is’ – not the law ‘as it should be’. The founding fathers of democracy knew that absolute power corrupts absolutely, so they worked to devise a system where no individual had all the power – and carefully established the ‘separation of powers’ (but they could not cover all bases, because they could not conceive of what was to come).

    Hence, Courts can make recommendations to the legislators (when they can see that the law, as it is worded, is bad law), but Courts cannot enforce the law other than how the law is worded. We know what the law should be, and the Courts know what the law should not be, but we, and they, are helpless to change the law – other than via lobbying our elected representatives who make the laws. We could ignore the law, but that would be anarchy.

    That is why it is so important to carefully word the law – to think of all possible scenarios, all possible loopholes, and prevent ‘fashion of the day’ wrong-think from happening. Our carefully considered democratic system was established in the days before the internet – an inconceivable monster (at the time); a monster that has enabled sociopaths to amass inconceivably vast fortunes of money and, with it, the power to influence like never before conceived.

    We have all heard of motive, means and opportunity. Sociopaths have the ‘motive’; money gave them the ‘means’ to buy whatever they needed to achieve their goal (politicians, NFPs, scientists, academics, Police, pandemics, you name it), and; the (unregulated) internet gave them the ‘opportunity’ to brainwash society – like never before (imagine if Hitler had such a tool – a global megaphone).

    Hence, a bunch of (massively moneyed middle aged) misogynistic men have worked fastidiously, fanatically and deviously to get their spokespeople into decision making positions (and then change the laws to to suit themselves – and to hell with women and children, and decent men).

    Absolute power is absolutely dangerous – and money is the root of all evil. We now have the choice of living like Handmaidens (slaves to masters), or engaging in protest and disobeying the law until the law can be changed to the way right-minded people (not sociopaths) would accept as being fair.

    The problem we now face is that the monsters thought of that as well – and have blocked access to the law makers. They have appointed gatekeepers to practically every politician, so that we can’t get to our elected representatives without going through the gatekeepers first – and they won’t let us pass.

    It is also no coincidence that society was persuaded to embrace ‘generational change’ and replace the ‘old guard’ with ‘young guns’ – now filled with egotism, instead of experience (male and female) – who don’t hesitate to fire off massively dangerous rounds of ill-conceived laws.

    I despair of society, as we know it; we came so close to being respectful custodians of the most beautiful and fascinating place in which to live, to breathe, to feast on wonders of nature, and to love and care – but it was too good to be true; we dropped the ball when we forgot to not trust just anybody. Welcome to the land of fools; where the lunatics are now in charge of the asylum and lunatics don’t care about shitting in their own nest – or yours. They will wreak havoc until they, or we, are destroyed. No more locking them up; we tried locking them up the last time, remember, and they deluded ignorant fools into letting them out.

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