The ‘DARVO’ Tactics of the Men’s Rights Activism Behind Transgenderism

All the rights being openly fought for by TRAs are men’s rights to violate women’s rights and bodily integrity.

  • Men in women’s safe spaces and jails.
  • Men in women’s sports.
  • The erasure of females in language, including when it is language pertaining to our specific biology (even male-identifying women are made invisible behind beards and are virtually silent in society).
  • Men taking women’s scholarships in women’s universities.
  • Men taking women’s positions in women’s colleges.
  • Men taking women’s awards and accomplishments.
  • Men’s sexual and violent crimes being registered as female crimes, including pedophilia.
  • Men bullying, slandering, doxing, and getting women fired for calling out their massive gaslighting MRA campaign without any accountability.
  • Men not only speaking over women, or for women, but now speaking as women.
  • Men violating the physical integrity of female biology via technology.

Trans Rights Activists are just Men’s Rights Activists using the tactics of ‘DARVO’: Deny, Attack, Reverse Victim and Offender.

Source: The ‘DARVO’ Tactics of the Men’s Rights Activism Behind Transgenderism – Uncommon Ground

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