The Gay Rights Movement Has Been Hijacked by a Radical Transhumanist Agenda

“Transgenderism” is a word acting as a social bridge between transsexualism and transhumanism.

Eugenics has a long and complex history that cannot be tackled here, but the current experiments on children’s healthy bodies and sex organs, many of whom are likely to grow up to be gay, and many who also have autism and other mental disorders, echo its tenets. These “transgender” experiments sterilizing young people are currently being forwarded under the rainbow banner of “human rights.”

The next most crucial step toward the transhumanist goal is to usurp human reproduction and move it into the tech sector. The assisted reproductive market is currently $25.6B and is projected to reach $41.4B by 2030. This market is being invested in by many of the same elites investing in the gender industry, who are invested in the medical and tech sectors in general, and who are simultaneously using the LGB human rights political infrastructure to abolish sexual dimorphism—reproductive sex. It’s a perfect fit because individuals in same-sex relationships will need the assisted fertility market if they wish to reproduce—and only those with considerable resources can finance these risky medical procedures. The rest will stand as the medical refuse of eugenicists, sterilized for life.

The first “gender bill” was cultivated by a group of men with transvestic fetishism in the early ‘90s. At least one of these men, Martine Rothblatt, has undergone transsexual surgery, a misnomer since no one can actually change their sex. He is a transhumanist (no one has yet transitioned from human either), owns a major biopharmaceutical company, a xenotransplantation farm for harvesting animal organs to transplant into humans, a 3D organ printing corporation, and has created a robot of his wife. Rothblatt worked on the Human Genome Project at the UN level and created a technological religion called Terasem. He is the co-creator of Sirius XM satellite radio. Rothblatt is highly renowned in technology, political, and business circles. He has written about the necessity of overriding the process of categorizing men and women by their biology and believes that sexual dimorphism is tantamount to South African apartheid. He has also written extensively on the future of reproduction via technology and transgressing our species’ boundaries. Rothblatt was tutored into transhumanism by Ray Kurzweil of Google, a company investing in the gender industry on various fronts while it collects our data.

There are conferences all over the world on transhumanism. There are college courses, centers of study, books, and if you Google “transhumanism,” you will get in the neighborhood of 6 million hits.

Without a banner of human rights, the transhumanist boat would sink like a stone. It uses vulnerable children as fodder for the coming revolution in assisted fertility to force our trajectory as a species away from the biosphere and further into technology—unless we stop them.

Source: The Gay Rights Movement Has Been Hijacked by a Radical Transhumanist Agenda

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  1. And all because mayyles are incapable of reproducing human life. It’s all about one-up-man-ship. Getting over on The Original Female.

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