The Gender Cult is Winning the War of Language

The gender cult has taken control of our language, and therefore controls our culture. It’s time to stop capitulating and take back English

The gender cult’s entire linguistic regime is made up of these politically-motivated misnomers, or what Mary Daly has called “reversals.” She uses Orwell’s 1984 as an example: “the Ministry of Truth was where they made up lies, the Ministry of Love was where they tortured people.” So, too, with every term the gender cult coins or appropriates. Men are “women.” Pushing lesbians out of LGB spaces is “inclusivity.” Threatening women is “feminism.” Mutilation is “healthcare.” Anything that would prevent gay people from turning their internalized homophobia into a lifelong medical condition is “trans conversion therapy.” None of these terms represent reality. In fact, they do exactly the opposite. They represent an attempt by the gender cult to overwrite reality, and to convince the public that everything is the opposite of what it is.

The GC habit of speaking about women as “biological women” or “natal women” is just as linguistically problematic. Like the phrase “cis women,” these terms imply the existence of other kinds of women. But there are no “non-biological women” or “non-natal women.” Women are the only women. If a modifier is necessary (e.g. when talking to a confused liberal), “women, not men pretending to be women” or “women, y’know, people whose bodies are developed to produce eggs, not sperm” would suffice.

Source: The Gender Cult is Winning the War of Language

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