One thought on “The Harding Miller Scholarship Application Process Explained – YouTube”

  1. Okay, so what is their definition of ‘female’? I don’t see anywhere where it is asking for birth certificates – although they too can be ‘transmogrified’). Personally, I am over this Americanisation of the world with its extreme capitalism – and services that should be provided by governments (through taxes) are being provided by claimed philanthropists who, instead, set up their own NFPs (tax avoidance schemes) so they can dictate who gets help and who doesn’t (according to their own personal biases).

    If this Harding Millers scholarship scheme is legitimate (and it doesn’t say who he/she/they is/are – it could be another offshoot the – Trans peddling – Tides or Arcus Foundations, for all I know) why does it not donate the money to the existing system (including by paying higher taxes) so people who already know who is disadvantaged can give scholarships through commonwealth and states – without the need to disclose personal details to people who don’t need to know? As a High School student with a Mensan IQ (top 1%), my school and state education department already knew I was gifted, and I was awarded a commonwealth scholarship to continue to years 11 and 12. I really am over anybody and everybody asking people to needlessly disclose personal details – and duplicating services already provided. It is manifestly inefficient. [Follow the money]

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