The horrifying rehabilitation of paedophilia | The Spectator Australia

The first step in the rehabilitation of any behaviour is language, in this case, how to turn abuse into something warm and fuzzy sounding, like ‘minor-attracted persons’.

Language is crucial in framing and shifting public opinion. Paedophilia has such negative connotations, involving the abuse of children and babies. If paedophiles become minor-attracted persons, it’s harder to distinguish who the victims are. Sounds pretty harmless really… Who could argue with such a mild-sounding epithet that obscurs the nature of the attraction and the harm to the minor?

The next step in the rehabilitation of any behaviour is to make it fashionable. Maybe you can get a fashion house or a celebrity to endorse the objectification of children and paedophilia as cool or edgy? Couple that with sexualised material being presented to children by sexualised presenters and the barriers to grooming start to fall. The normal protective behaviours of children towards those who might want to harm them are undermined – it’s discriminatory to question the motives of anyone presenting sexual material to kids, and providing a parody of womanhood to little girls.

How old-fashioned it has become to believe that kids deserve a childhood and they don’t exist to serve the wishes of MAPS.

The soft-sell promoters of paedophilia need to be confronted with the reality of what they are selling. That it’s not just about a Woke social movement tinkering with labels, but the lives of real children who can do nothing to protect themselves. Sexual abuse of children has long-lasting effects. It’s the first betrayal that affects how a person views the world. But it’s never bought up in discussions about re-examining paedophilia, as if the victims just fade away without any consequence, or as if there are no victims at all. It’s a victimless crime… I guess it is, if the victims can’t put into words what has happened to them and advocate on their behalf. The goal is to treat paedophilia as just another sexual preference along the continuum of adult sexual presentations, consent is implied, no matter what the law says.

Source: The horrifying rehabilitation of paedophilia | The Spectator Australia

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