The NHS no longer says puberty blockers are ‘reversible’

BBC Woman’s Hour reported today on an important change to the NHS website section on gender dysphoria: the NHS no longer says that puberty blockers are ‘reversible.’

GONE is the claim that puberty blockers are considered to be fully reversible

NEW is the admission that long-term effects are unknown:

GONE are these references to self-harm and suicide

GONE is this statement that creates an association between gender dysphoria and having the ‘wrong’ interests as a very young child

NEW are more careful statements that don’t associate a child’s interests with gender dysphoria and instead emphasise the rarity of the condition and the societal influences

NEW is the acknowledgment of desistance and the suggestion that your feelings may be an indication of your sexual orientation

GONE are the claims that surgery has a high rate of satisfaction

GONE also are the suggestions that hormones and surgery actually change your sex

NEW also is an acknowledgment of the reality, the risks and the limitations of surgery

GONE is the claim that biological sex is “assigned at birth”.

Source: The NHS no longer says puberty blockers are ‘reversible’

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