The Parent Gift Gap: Spending more on Father's Day than Mother's Day

Angela Priestley for Women’s Agenda writes:
Research out today from the Commonwealth Bank reveals that its customers spent 15% more in the lead up to Father’s Day in 2017 than they did in the lead up to Mother’s Day.
Doesn’t really seem all that fair, given mothers already face their own gender pay gap.
One factor, as evidenced by the Commonwealth customer spending data, is a rise in spending on tech and gadgets for fathers.
Another factor, that wasn’t shared in the CBA report, could be that mothers are increasingly caring less about Mother’s Day and the commercial push to spend and give that comes with it.
They might just be over it.
As Jane Caro recently wrote on Women’s Agenda: Mothers are among the most discriminated against people on the planet. They work harder, for longer, often in under-valued caring professions where employment is becoming more precarious, but for less pay.”
Making mothers feels special on one day a year is not going to make up for that.
Then there’s the 765,000 Australian families headed by single parents, the majority of whom are female, and the fact they’re often excluded from being celebrated on Mother’s Day

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