The Rainbow Reich: Transgender Ideology and Totalitarianism.

Part I: Context.

One thing that is common to men of all political leanings is their desire and perceived need to control women. This hatred and domination of women bonds the societies of men.. . .

In the U.K. all women short lists which were designed to improve female representation in Parliament were removed by the Labour Party last year, in the name of gender essentialism. At least 300 women self-excluded from the party and party politics on this issue. A teenage male was elected Labour women’s officer after bullying out the longstanding female officer. . . .

The Greens now refer to women as ‘non-men’ and have been accused of creating a climate conducive to child sexual abuse due to their hard-line pro-trans policies.

Could British women and those who care about them turn to another party? No, the Conservatives began a process which would allow any male to declare themselves a female based on their feelings and self-id into formerly single sex spaces and positions. The result will be women’s self-exclusion from public life and a Parliament run by mostly men and males who self-id as women. Indeed, the Women’s Equality Party are seemingly overjoyed at this prospect of not a single female in Parliament.

Certainly, transgenderism is the topic one cannot speak about. In the private sector holding such beliefs as biology is real and women are discriminated against based on their sex can lead to one losing their job.

Transgenderism is the new way for the Left to expel women from politics and their ranks.

This is what feminists call patriarchy.

This ideology is shoring up men’s power by attacking women’s rights. It is far from progressive.

Source: The Rainbow Reich: Transgender Ideology and Totalitarianism.

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