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When you lose something irreplaceable, money will not fix it. Time cannot be given back, tears cannot be unshed, suffering cannot be undone, pain cannot be erased.

I took hormones and got a bilateral mastectomy in attempt to meet a skewed perception of what a man was and a woman wasn’t. I bought into so many bullshit ideas uncritically.

I had a skewed perception that the traits and values I had were “masculine” not “feminine” so I must be a man. No, I just lacked a motherly figure and my way of expressing that motherliness is through responsibility, caring, leadership. I want to protect others, help others, defend others from harm because I lacked that as a child, as a teen, as a young adult and still even now, as a grown woman.

I will never be the same from flooding my endocrine system with testosterone. So I want you to remember that analogy, when someone says it’s reversible or that you “can just get new tits”. Not everything in this world is replaceable. Just because men think they can replace women, or you can have surgery to replace or remove body parts you are unhappy with – is not true. As a woman who transitioned and self IDed as a man for a decade, I can’t replace what I’ve lost now I’ve realised my mistake.

Source: The reality of being detrans – Medusa’s Lair

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  1. I am sorry that you fell for the erronous idea that your sex is changeable. I am also sorry that you seemed to be disappointed or depressed about being born female, which is a mistaken idea because born female is an immense power to conceive (and not just with your body), which can help to teach the world of males to listen to women , if only to secure saving lives and this planet!

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