The tell tale signs you're being financially abused

Bianca Hartge-Hazelman of Financy writes:
Some of the most common tell tale signs of financial abuse are:

  • Feeling as though your partner is not being 100 per cent truthful with you on financial matters.
  • Noticing that your partner is receiving mail about debt or assets that you are not part of, or even taking private phone calls on such matters.
  • Not be allowed to open or see joint bank account details or statements.
  • Feeling that your partner is controlling access to economic resources – such as interfering with or restricting your education or employment – Isolating or restricting your mobility or access to transportation.
  • Realising that your partner is generating economic cost or debt in your name.
  • Noticing that your partner is varying loans that may be in your name, such as covertly increasing home loans for no explained reason.
  • Having a partner that deliberately damages a property that is in your name, so as to cost you money in repairs.
  • Having a partner that avoids child support payments; manipulating the shared care system to reduce payments; and repeatedly applying for re-assessment of payment.
  • Having a partner that cancels essential services, and/or refuses to pay debts.
  • You notice support being withdrawn for partner visas, or the lodging of malicious reports to the Department of Immigration.
  • Dowry abuse, where one partner uses verbal and often physical threats of violence to force the family of their partner to increase dowry payments to them.
  • It can also present itself in systems abuse, where one partner will seek to financially cripple another through legal proceedings.

Women are more likely than men to find themselves in a financially abusive relationship, particularly if they have stopped working to care for children.

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