The trans ideology is harming kids

The scandal isn’t that the NSPCC ditched Munroe Bergdorf – it’s that it signed up Munroe Bergdorf in the first place.

One of the ‘TERFs’ being blamed for Berdorf’s exit from Childline is Times columnist Janice Turner who caused a storm by asking if it is appropriate for a child charity to link up with a ‘porn model’ (Bergdorf has posed for Playboy).

Bergdorf wasn’t dumped on the basis of the trans identity, so the ‘transphobia’ claims are a lie.

No, Bergdorf was let go because in the view of the NSPCC there had been a breach of its safeguarding rules. Bergdorf has on numerous occasions posed messages online inviting troubled kids to get in touch for advice.

Not content with weaving a fact-free tale about ‘transphobia’, the pro-Bergdorf camp then accused Bergdorf’s critics of homophobia after they started to criticise the gay man at the NSPCC who was instrumental in hiring Bergdorf. Again, this was lies. The so-called TERFs weren’t criticising this man’s fitness to work at the NSPCC because he is gay, but because he allegedly once filmed himself wanking at work and posted the video on the internet.

People should worry less about Bergdorf losing a public platform and focus instead on the foisting of the bizarre and destructive ideology of transgenderism on to the next generation.

Source: The trans ideology is harming kids – spiked

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