The Trans Ideology Movement, Global Capitalism, and the Colonisation of Women – ON THE WOMAN QUESTION

The essence of imperialism is, above all, to dominate, possess, own, appropriate, and thoroughly expropriate people considered inferior. One of the subjugated peoples within capitalist societies is the class of women. Dominant men, including leftists and liberals, have colluded with capitalism to carry out various forms of the colonisation of women. The most important of these industries are pornography, prostitution, and surrogacy. These are huge money-making industries and are among the most lucrative in the modern global economy. One of their mottos is ‘sex work is work,’ which is nothing more than a succinct statement that the colonisation of women’s bodies is a legitimate capitalistic agenda and endeavour. The leftists, supposedly opposed to capitalism, become spokespeople and ideologues of the sex industry, the most odious and corrupt of all capitalist industries, and promote the colonisation of women all over the world.

But, over the past 20 years or so, another form of the colonisation of women has emerged. This is transgenderism or the trans ideology movement. In the West as well as in Japan and South Korea, those who chant the mantra ‘sex work is work’ are one with those who chant the mantra ‘trans women are women.’ They constitute almost the same political movement, the same ideological current, and the same interest group.

Why did these two fuse together everywhere in the world? Why does this happen both in the West and in the East, where the cultures and histories are entirely different? Is it a just coincidence?

No, this is not an accident. The reason why they fuse together is that they have the same roots, the same dynamics, and the same essence: they are both imperialist men’s rights movements that seek to dominate and colonise women, women’s bodies, and women’s sexuality.

Source: The Trans Ideology Movement, Global Capitalism, and the Colonisation of Women – ON THE WOMAN QUESTION

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