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Warning: This article is deeply offensive but is posted as evidence of how the trans movement serves the agenda of men’s rights activists and the need to reject “allies” from this end of the political spectrum.

So you want to follow TERFs? Be careful where they lead you.

So called Red Pill men, MRA, MGTOW, et al, white knighting for fat, ugly misandric, segregationist terfs, the worst of the gynocentric cesspool. Antiwoke antifeminists, white knighting in direct support of radical feminism.

The so called deeply religious conservative right, white knighting for the worst of the extremist left wing.

If a woman ran for office on a platform of destroying the proposition that trans-women should be treated as women, would you vote for her?

Most of you would. Most of you have. But here’s the rub. You’re doing exactly the stupidest thing you’ve always done. You think you’re supporting normality and sanity but really you’re blind to the 3d chess of politics and are simply supporting feminist political power by believing in their Bogeymen.

You’re bending the broken knee to the same fag hags and hand bags who took over the men only Gay Rights Movement back in the early 70’s, reducing the GRM to mascots to the feminist cause and who turned it into the rainbow people, GLBT, bringing trannies into the fold, as they were called back in prehistory.

That supposedly red pilled men don’t see what the political implications of their misplaced support has on the suicide tally is the real shocker here. Not to mention the remainder of the blizzard of men’s issues.

Why would you support the political power of misandric gynocentrists?

To be accurate, terfs have been around since the 70’s, as some women recognised the problem of a man flying the signals, flags and pennants of female privilege the very first time they noticed it.

Men identifying as women gives the gynocentric power base a mortal wound. You are protecting them from that wound without any clue of political situational awareness.

This is exactly the question coming before the Australian Supreme Court soon. The hearing is set for April.

Read the girls over at feminist legal doing their mental gymnastics to blame men for the monster they created, circling back to bite them on the arse.

“In the early days of the Giggle app, Sall was faced with the decision to make the app for women as a sex or women as a gender. After a sustained campaign of abuse and harassment by people calling themselves ‘transwomen’, Sall decided to make the app exclusively for females, including trans-identifying females or ‘transmen’. On Giggle, it would be the possession of female body, regardless of identity, that puts you in the ‘in’ crowd.”

Equality when they want power, speshul treatment when it doesn’t serve their power. If it wasn’t for double standards, feminists wouldn’t have any.

When your enemy is making a mistake, don’t interrupt them.
When your enemy is drowning, don’t try to save them.

Instead of a life preserver, throw them an anvil, a millstone, throw a chain net over them. But don’t white knight for them just because they’re damseling.

Screw women’s sports.
Screw women’s toilets.
Men in women’s toilets will make them safer and cleaner.

Everyone knows how filthy and dirty women are in there – just ask a cleaner.

Sure transwomen might look a little weird but nowhere as weird as the collective male shooting himself in the face, politically, repeatedly.

Before you next hold court as a denigrator of transwomen.

Check out the header image above and do some research on the Winged Hussars saving Europe. Sometimes men in weird dress are the best warriors by far.

Because those guys are better at tearing gynocentrism a new one, than the last 100 years of red pilled MGTOW, MRA, and general manospherians. That includes Andrew Tate, and Andrew Tate’s Dad (Paul Elam), not to mention the rest of us. And in honour of the men whose shoulders I stand upon, whose leadership I follow, it’s not for want of trying.

Just don’t white knight for the misandrists bro.
That’s way too weird.

Source: The Transwoman Boogeyman: A Social Observation On A Truly Weird Male Behaviour – A Voice for Men

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  1. What a strange set of opinions and distorted understandings about the goals of “feminism”. Shocking how much the author openly admits to hating women as the enemy.

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