The trouble with ‘transphobia’

Labeling anyone who acknowledges material reality “transphobic” helps no one.

The differences between male and female bodies are fairly obvious to most. Indeed, there is a reason women and men compete in separate categories, in sport. Yet, a very small minority of activists have managed to pressure the bodies in charge to play along with the insanity that is gender identity ideology — namely, that one can change sex through self-declaration.

Navratilova generously offers to “address a transgender woman in whatever form she prefers,” but says she “would not be happy to compete against her” because it “would not be fair.” Despite this, she is still labelled “transphobic.”

Whether trans activists and their powerful allies will manage to silence us all remains to be seen. It is up to us to continue to speak the truth, as Navratilova has, regardless of the consequences. No one is aided by the trans activist lie — not even trans people themselves.

Source: The trouble with ‘transphobia’

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