The Trump resistance can be best described in one adjective: female

Women, of course, have long played key but under-acknowledged roles in the great movements of American history, from the civil rights movement of the 1950s and 1960s to Ferguson and Standing Rock. With the anti-Trump resistance, though, the preponderance of women is so noteworthy and significant that failing to name it obscures the movement’s basic nature – and distorts the larger political conversation surrounding it.

Why have so many articles, blog posts, and tweets invoked the resistance without acknowledging who is doing most of the day-to-day work of resisting? It might be because the majority of pundits, commentators, and advice-givers on the left still come from the very demographic group that’s so strikingly underrepresented among the forces fighting Trump: men.

(ed: not forgetting the role played by women in the abolition of slavery!)

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