There is a major split in the LGBTQ community between the letter L and the letter T — RT Op-ed

The alphabet soup that defines an ever-growing part of society is splitting apart, an increasing number of Lesbians and feminists are tired of all the noise from Transgender women – that’s women who were born male.

“I’m a lesbian and I feel alienated from what is supposed to be my own community. There’s no room for women with my lesbian feminist politics. What I feel is the loss of the strong movement and community we had in the 70s and 80s and into the 90s. (I go way back.) 

“The LGBTQIA+ movement is actually in the process of splitting. There are now LGB Alliances In the UK, Ireland and the US (that I know of.)”

RT:“What has the transgender lobby done for feminism in the US, and globally?”

SE:“It has weakened our ability to name ourselves, to talk about our bodies and reproductive capacities and our lives and to organize as females for our liberation as a sex.  

“It has contributed to the destruction of lesbian feminist culture and communities.  

“It has led to attacks on female only programs that we need due to sex-based oppression and discrimination, to allow us to advance in society. Those include battered women’s shelters, rape crisis centers, sports programs, affirmative action programs for females in employment, education and politics, such as special scholarships or training programs including for women studying STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) programs or entering the trades.  

“And female only facilities/spaces where we are in various states of undress or physically vulnerable are being eliminated despite the persistence of male violence against women and girls that is still pervasive.”

The silencing of dissident opinion is frightening, a modern day witch-hunt. A clash of rights has emerged which can only be resolved by free respectful discussion and debate.”

Source: There is a major split in the LGBTQ community between the letter L and the letter T — RT Op-ed

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