There’s a Name for Insisting That Your Way is The Only Way

Exporting queer theory is just the latest example of Western cultural imperialism.

Bringing infant formula into Africa: an example of cultural imperialism that has killed millions of babies

Beginning in 1997, and for the next 12 years, WHO, UNICEF and UNAIDS, embarked on a Prevention of Mother to Child HIV Programme,  with the goal of eventually rolling it out to hundreds of thousands of mothers in the poorest countries in the world. Their goal was to persuade mothers to abandon breastfeeding in favour of formula.   They invoked maternal human rights  with their position that mothers had the right to choose to formula feed in order to save their babies from breastfeeding associated transmission of the HIV virus. Not only was there no existing evidence to underpin the theory that formula would be healthier;  on the contrary, it was already known that formula feeding in environments without clean water and a readily available medical system (not to mention mothers who could read and follow written instructions) could lead to greatly increased risks of infant morbidity and mortality, but even more astounding was that these agencies never intended to monitor the health outcomes of their global initiative. Even today it is unknown how many babies were saved from HIV infection through not being breastfed, or how many died because breastfeeding was withheld from them.

Even the concept of human rights can be a cultural imposition on societies that don’t share Western values.

In fact, in developing countries, where mothers do not expect to feed their babies in any other way but at the breast, a new suggestion that there should be a choice (i.e. a choice not to breastfeed) constitutes not a choice, but an iatrogenic intervention. An ethical medical intervention must provide some benefit. But in areas where infant mortality is already high, it is unethical to introduce a choice not to breastfeed.

Queer theory meets sexed reality: La Leche League as a case study 

La Leche League International (LLLI) is a women founded/mother led support group for women wanting to breastfeed their babies.

But as LLLI has now leapt onto the Rainbow Trail created by queer theory, they now are telling Leaders (who are all voluntary breastfeeding supporters who have birthed and breastfed their own children) that they need to prioritize the wants of men with lactophilia (a sex fetish based on breast milk) and women who think they are men (so have deliberately removed their breasts and have lost the capability to breastfeed)  over the actual needs of babies through their policy on inclusivity that all Leaders are required to swear fealty to if they wish to remain Leaders.

The use of “a variety of terms” in place of the universal mother is a form of coerced speech that promotes the imposition of queer theory and gender ideology as a manifestation of cultural imperialism.

In addition to creating confusing messaging for women, LLL is possibly endangering its volunteer Leaders. At least 41% of countries where LGBTQ+ people are criminalized have an LLL presence.

Source: There’s a Name for Insisting That Your Way is The Only Way

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