These Men Were Promised Lesbians

No amount of political lobbying can make lesbians fancy men. That’s not what the boys were expecting.

Whose idea was it to tell heterosexual men that they could change their wardrobe and the world would see them as women? A non-exhaustive list: your local government, your national government, your federal government, your national broadcaster, the HER app, and your local arts centre.

Any time women made it known that, as one half of a sexually dimorphic species, we can spot the phenotypical traits of men before we clock literally anything else about them, we were shouted down, expelled, fired or attacked. But the threats did nothing to change our innate sexual attraction.

The end result is a lot of lonely, unhappy “transbians.” Promised by all of our major institutions that only raging bigots would see through their fancy dress, they gather on internet fora and post through the stages of grief. Incredibly, the first of those stages is often surprise.

Trans women often end up dating each other, even finding real happiness in the arrangement – though for heterosexual men it rarely seems like their first choice. The relationships they have with actual women are more often than not the wives who decided to stick around, or young “queer” women living their truth that TWAW (trans women are women).

Many try out the chasers (ostensibly straight men, but with a fetish for transgender women) before swearing off them. They might try the dating scene as openly trans, before eventually, inevitably, getting creative with the truth. Sometimes they are successful, in which case they are ecstatic, which only serves to deepen the sadness of the other men in the groups.

And then comes the dawning realisation that everyone has been lying to them, which is when the anger begins to build: “Feeling crappy about my looks from trying to date. 3 years of hormones, FFS and still I get brushed off immediately because they can clock me….and don’t want to be with a transgender woman.”

In a 2019 study, only 3.1% of straight (and non-trans) people were willing to date a trans person. Lesbians were more likely to be game, though it turned out that their willingness only extended to natal women. And in news that would have shocked not a single female – had any of us been consulted – it turns out almost nobody wants to date trans women.

Incels, meaning involuntarily celibate men, have always existed. But nobody threw parades for them, and bigotry wasn’t blamed for their unfulfilled desires. Women were. And now, again, it’s our fault these men are all alone in their disgusting flats. Gender euphoria is temporary. Woman hatred is eternal.

Source: These Men Were Promised Lesbians

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