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#ThisNeverHappens documents cases where men use the cover of a woman identity to commit violent crimes. It is closely related to #NotOurCrimes where violent crimes committed by males are reported on as being committed by women.

Note how the language used to report on earlier cases is more likely to attribute crimes to males. Later reports attribute crimes wholly to women, or females.

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  1. This distorts criminal justice statistics. Criminologists need to enter the field and demand accurate statistical records – police, CPS (Crown Prosecution Service) and its equivalents – DPP (Director of Public Prosecutions) etc, Department of Justice/Ministry of Justice, Corrective Services/Prison Service etc. Those people identifying as ‘transexual’ or ‘transidentity’ should back this call for accuracy – if they wish to support their argument that those in this category are being unfairly characterised as having criminal tendencies or particular type/s of criminal tendencies then it is to their benefit to require accurate statistics identifying alleged offenders by their ‘transidentity’ – that is, stipulating clearly that the offender has a transidentity rather than categorising them under ‘woman’ (or ‘man’).

    Ironically also the contention in this article that courts are reluctant to sentence those in the ‘trans’ category to prison as it endangers them are giving rise (through the statistics) to the false contention that women are treated leniently by the criminal justice system. This contention is readily and easily refuted (and has been) but now with ‘transwomen’ being kept out of prison for ‘reasons’ of ‘danger’ to them the argument that ‘women’ are leniently treated by the criminal justice system is (wrongly) bolstered.

    Accuracy in crime statistics is essential for policy reasons as well as the value of accuracy in itself.

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