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In 2018, before BBC’s Woman’s Hour turned into People’s Hour, it interviewed trans activist, and Jolyon Maugham teacher, Alex Sharpe, who spent much of the interview saying that predictions that self ID could lead to dangerous men saying that they’re women for nefarious reasons were “utterly bogus and massively concocted. It’s a campaign of fear, it’s a moral panic that’s been generated by gender critical feminists.”

This led to the #ThisNeverHappens hashtag, which gets an airing every time a story breaks of a man who said he’s a woman in order to commit a crime or as a defence after being caught committing a crime.

#ThisNeverHappens has happened again.

Michael Hari is a far-right terrorist with a history of violent behaviour.

He was convicted of child abduction in 2006 and in 2017, when a neighbour complained about his loose dogs, Hari allegedly attacked him and put a gun to his head. However, the trial has been postponed because of more pressing court matters, such as his alleged attempts to bomb an abortion clinic, and his role in the bombing of an Islamic Centre in Minnesota. Prosecutors have requested that he be sentenced to a full life term.

However, with sentencing now just a couple of weeks away, Michael has asked a judge to legally acknowledge that he is a woman called Emily Claire Hari, that ‘gender dysphoria fueled her “inner conflict” when she was convicted in the bombing’, that he should therefore receive no more than 30 years in jail, and he has ‘asked for an amended prison placement [that is, to be housed in a women’s jail] based on her transgender identity’.

Source: #ThisNeverHappens happens again – by ripx4nutmeg – The Glinner Update

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