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The US Supreme Court, in the Dobbs case, has ruled that the states, not the federal courts, determine a woman’s right to an abortion generally, and upheld the state of Mississippi’s restriction on abortion after the 15th week.…
I think the effort to replace biological sex with gender made the advocates for Roe/Casey incompetent to argue for women’s rights. Men are not women and the difference matters on a lot of levels. The left & Biden marched forward with a brief that ignored women and their history.
The refused to make historical arguments women could make—they insisted on making the due process argument, the same one essentially made in Obergefell, but relying on modern changes in how we think about women.
The court recognized this. It said at p. 30 that “Instead of seriously pressing the argument that the abortion right itself has deep roots, supporters … contend that the abortion right is an integral part of a broader entrenched right.”
Remember, although here they defended Roe, the fringe left has been pushing a narrative of unlimited abortion rights. They view the abortion issue now as “bodily integrity” and have tied it to trans rights.
So what now? A right to an abortion will be determined in every US state for that state’s citizens. People can travel to another state.
There may still be constitutional arguments left, but the 14th Amendment due process is not the strongest with this court.

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