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The World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH), the international medical association which sets guidelines for the medical ‘transitioning’ of children, has been collaborating with participants of a fetish forum that hosts and produces fictional child pornography and extreme sadomasochistic content.

On December 3, 2021, WPATH released draft guidelines which included, for the first time, the category of ‘eunuch’ as a protected “gender identity.” WPATH’s updated 8th edition of their Standards of Care (SOC), which recommends medical treatment and services for those with a self-declared ‘gender identity,’ describes the relationship between “eunuch-identified people and other transgender people.”

The document states, “Eunuch-identified people may share with other gender-diverse people a desire for reduction or elimination of masculine physical features, masculine genitals, or genital functioning.”

It also goes on to claim that “eunuch-identified people may suffer the same minority stress as other stigmatized groups,” and refers extensively to research collected from a hardcore fetish site called the Eunuch Archives — a site that features child sexual exploitation fantasies centered around stopping little boys from going through puberty.

One of the Eunuch Archives’ most prominent participants is an unidentified site administrator who uses the moniker ‘Jesus.’

‘Jesus’ claims to have been involved in editing the most recent version of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5), issued by the American Psychological Association (APA) and WPATH’s newest Standards of Care draft.

In 2016, ‘Jesus’ claimed to have been specifically chosen to rewrite a portion of the Standards of Care by former WPATH president Eli Coleman, who “pointed at me and announced that I was expected to provide input on eunuchs for the revision. Now is our opportunity to help devise the standards of care that will be most helpful,” wrote Jesus.

In 2018, ‘Jesus’ announced the upcoming revisions to the guidelines and invited collaboration from members of the community.

In response to WPATH’s newly-released draft Standards of Care in December last year, one site member professed to being “absolutely delighted,” and said he would “gladly throw millions under the bus” in order to secure “a future where doctors must obey and have no right to demand reasons or withhold surgery and medication.”

In WPATH’s draft Standards of Care, the Eunuch Archive’s ‘Fiction Archive’ is directly acknowledged and named. But the document does not mention the large amount of stories within the archive that directly involve the sadistic sexual abuse of children.

The stories primarily focus on the eroticization of child castration. In some, little boys request the procedures themselves and express gratitude to the adults who perform the operations. In others, children may be forcibly castrated under extreme duress. Some narratives contain violent sexualized depictions of children with stunted puberty being raped by doctors, written in sickening detail.

Source: Top Trans Medical Association Collaborated With Castration, Child Abuse Fetishists – Reduxx

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  1. Questions the article creates: (1) How long until others independently verify the details in this report? (2) Who is the “pseudo-anonymous” Jesus? (3) How many members of this fetish group are practitioners? It seems odd to toss this request into that group unless there’s an awareness of IRL work. (4) On the other WPATH standards, were other unprofessional groups solicited for feedback (on the current set or previously)?

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