Tougher US border enforcement policy to separate more families

A strict new enforcement plan by the Trump administration will mean more parents caught illegally crossing the U.S. border will get prosecuted and separated from any children accompanying them.
The Wall Street Journal reported Monday that the strict new policy has been under discussion for months, but added that the administration postponed announcing it “because of the sensitivities of removing children from their parents.”
In March, the American Civil Liberties Union sued to the Trump administration in a class-action complaint that alleges the government is “forcibly separating asylum-seeking parents and young children.” The ACLU argued the family separation case this past Friday in San Diego. No date for a decision has been announced.
US immigration officials are now routinely separating immigrant mothers from their children when taking families into custody, and classifying the children as unaccompanied minors, ICE officials are reported to have “lost” 1,475 such children, and alleged to engage in widespread abuse of those children in custody.

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