Trans clinic referrals made for DOZENS of children under 5-years-old | UK

More than 70 children aged just three or four have been referred to the NHS’s transgender clinc it has been revealed.

Official figures indicate that dozens of children not yet of school age have been referred to the Gender Identity Development Service (GIDS) over the past decade.

The revelation has sparked fury from campaigners and parents alike, with demands for a change in the way that cases are dealt with.

Source: Trans clinic referrals made for DOZENS of children under 5-years-old

One thought on “Trans clinic referrals made for DOZENS of children under 5-years-old | UK”

  1. Surely one must ask – ‘what on earth are the parents thinking?’ Do they consider they are progressive, so adopt a pose (that is totally regressive) of considering the child is the opposite sex of that which s/he is? Are they (in their own recognised) conservative/ism pro stereotypical performance of ‘what is a boy’, ‘what is a girl’ so that as soon as the daughter begins playing with trucks, or the son wants to wear a pink tutu or demands dolls for presents they rush to have this stereotypical perspective imposed upon the child? Or are they transphobic so that if the young child – being a boy – preferences ‘girly’ (sic) games and etc they rush to have the boy transformed (sic) into a girl so that all will be well in appearances – that is, being seen to be a girl the child’s assumed gay status will be transformed into heterosexuality? Ditto if their daughter prefers ‘boys’ (sic) games etc then they rush to have her transformed (sic) into a boy (sic) so that she will no longer be feared as being lesbian, but will be herteosexual? Honestly, what on earth is the source of this madness – a madness that disallows a child to grow up as s/he simply is – whatever the stereotyping that continues in these days of regression into the past – prior to the 1970s when girls were allowed (more often) to be girls whatever their looks, predisposition, toy preferences, colour preferences, sport preferences etc and ditto boys.

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