Trans Comedian Exposing Penis on Live TV “Shortlisted” For Broadcast Award – Reduxx

A transgender “comedian” has reportedly been shortlisted for a television award after stripping naked on live television and playing the piano with his penis.

During the performance, Gray ripped off his clothing to expose his entire naked body, and attempted to play his keyboard with his penis. This was during Gray’s rendition of his song “Better Than You,” which featured lyrics intended to mock females.

“I’m a perfect woman, my tits will never shrink. I’m guaranteed to squirt, and I do anal by default … I am the lizard king, and I can do anything that any other woman can’t … I used to be a man, now I’m better than you,” Gray sang to an audience of delighted onlookers who cheered as he then tore off his clothes and exposed his naked body.

Following his nudist performance on Channel 4, Gray was removed from a children’s charity where he had been a patron.

On October 26, just days after his appearance, Educate & Celebrate issued a statement announcing Gray’s removal from his role, but claimed that Gray had “never gone into schools” and had limited interaction with children throughout his tenure. That was quickly discovered to be misleading, with internet sleuths unearthing a 2016 interview with Gray for GuysLikeU in which he directly claimed to do just that.

“Young minds are very accepting,” Gray said to GuysLikeU. “It’s teenagers who are harder to get through to. It’s good to educate these kids when they are young.”

Source: Trans Comedian Exposing Penis on Live TV “Shortlisted” For Broadcast Award – Reduxx

2 thoughts on “Trans Comedian Exposing Penis on Live TV “Shortlisted” For Broadcast Award – Reduxx”

    1. When I was a boy a man wearing a dress, taking it off, playing piano with his penis and singing a song mocking the natural aging of a female body, would have been beaten up by the outraged real men in the audience and then handed over to the police for further questioning and resultant charges under the obscenity act.

      Now he is praised as being ‘witty’ ‘brave’ and ‘edgy’.

      His only negative consequence being not being on the charity board for little children. His line: “Young minds are very accepting”I find quite chilling…

      I tell you what though, the members of the board which got rid of him must be rather brave as I would have suspected a massive twitter attack on the grounds of trans phobia.

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