Trans-Identified Sex Offender Becomes Prison Abolitionist – by Genevieve Gluck – Women’s Voices

‘Jessica Phoenix’ Sylvia (né Ernest Andrew Sylvia), a convicted sex offender currently incarcerated in Washington state, opened a Twitter account in April of this year to promote the transfer of convicted male offenders under the guise of an organization called the Gender Identity Justice Campaign. On his website, Sylvia describes himself as a “queer theorist” and advertises himself as a public speaker.

The case of ‘Jessica Phoenix’ Sylvia is far from the first example of a dangerous man being shielded by gender identity ideology and endorsed by activists and media.

In January 2021, Razvan Sibii, a senior lecturer in journalism at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, wrote despairingly of “the story of a woman confined to a men’s maximum security prison” in reference to Patricia Elaine Trimble, a trans-identified male who raped two nine-year old girls and raped, pimped and tortured another male inmate before killing him.

Trimble began a letter-writing network among other trans-identified male prisoners which educates them on how to politically organize for transfers into women’s prisons.

In 2014, trans-identified celebrity Laverne Cox published a video in support of a trans-identified inmate called ‘Synthia China Blast’, né Luis Morales, who was convicted for the rape, murder, and abuse of the corpse of a 13 year-old girl named Ebony Williams.

US prisons are notoriously dangerous, and even moreso for males who are convicted of child sexual abuse. What pedophile in his right mind would turn down the opportunity to transfer into a women’s prison, safe from the threat of being killed by a cellmate? What sex offender would refuse the chance to change his name, thereby rendering null the requirement to be listed on a sex offender registry, erasing his crimes from public consciousness?

In the UK, more than 16,000 registered sex offenders breached their Harm Prevention Orders to notify authorities of any changes in their information, including of their legal names, over the past five years. More than 900 registered sex offenders went ‘missing’ between 2017 and 2020, and that data was obtained from within only 16 of the 43 police forces that responded to Freedom of Information requests. According to an investigation by The Times, convicted child sex abusers changed their names by deed poll, did not inform authorities, and used their new identity to gain access to children.

Pedophiles can even be potentially granted access to children from within prison. Take, for example, the case of Mark Campbell, convicted of raping his own daughter, which caused her such distress that she has attempted suicide several times. In prison he began ‘identifying as a woman’, and in December 2020 a judge in Wisconsin ordered the state to fund a surgery that will allow him to be transferred to a woman’s facility. If Campbell is later transferred, it will likely be to Taycheedah Correctional Institution, which hosts a summer camp for children and mothers.

Last year, a woman in Illinois’ Logan Correctional Center accused trans-identified inmate Janiah Monroe (Andre Patterson) of rape, claiming that she was discounted and punished by prison staff for reporting the assault. Patterson was also accused of sexual assault by several other women, and had discontinued ‘hormone therapy’ upon arrival at the women’s facility. While in a men’s institution, Patterson had murdered a cellmate, strangling him with his bare hands.

It is mad-making to witness journalists for major US publications supporting the ‘right’ of sex offenders, pedophiles, and murderers to legally change their identity, misappropriate womanhood, and be incarcerated with a vulnerable population of women, the majority of whom are themselves victims of male violence.

Source: Trans-Identified Sex Offender Becomes Prison Abolitionist – by Genevieve Gluck – Women’s Voices

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