Trans men are men (but transwomen are not women)

Men have had little opportunity historically, and still have little opportunity, really, to gain any real insight into women’s lives, women’s stories, women’s pain, women’s fears, or women’s view of men. Most of what men are exposed to when it comes to women is men’s view of women. This bears repeating. As long as our world is androcentric, men are likely to have a poor understanding of women and women’s lives.

All of this has serious implications for the claim we started off with, which was the adult human male’s claim that he feels like a woman. For him to know that what he feels like is how being a woman feels, he has to have some idea of how being a woman feels. Given the overwhelming androcentrism of our culture, it is highly unlikely that he has any such idea.

Trans men, on the other hand, are in the same position as the woman writers of male characters, whose success rate seems to be noteworthy. Trans men, being steeped in androcentric culture like all the rest of us, have ample knowledge of what being a man feels like (or at least, as good as it gets without literally crawling inside someone else’s brain).

Source: Trans men are men (but transwomen are not women) – Holly Lawford-Smith – Medium

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