Trans Rights are Men’s Rights; No Wonder they Clash with Feminists

We have now reached a point where men have officially gained access to the protected spaces of women and girls without any credentials. Men who say they identify as women are now in the position to frisk women at the airport, share rooms with them, and be the doctor, or the “woman” in the room, when a woman or girl is having a medical examination. Anyone who expresses discomfort with these arrangements is reprimanded and shamed, and the men who say they’re women are made out to be the victims. Male rights activists have managed to create a reality where they can violate women and then claim to be personally injured by any objection.

Women as a group have suffered a huge loss of our sex-based protections due to the demands of these activists. Women as a sex have become legally obsolete. In many places, any man who says he identifies as a woman, based on stereotypes rather than biological reality, can walk right into a women’s locker room, bathroom, or dressing room and start undressing. If anyone tries to challenge his right to enter, they may be sued, blacklisted, or fired. Even men who say they’re women agree that women’s bathrooms are necessary to ensure a safe and comfortable place to remove some clothing in the absence of males. How is it that men have so easily accumulated the rights to invade women’s private spaces so quickly and easily?

Source: Trans Rights are Men’s Rights; No Wonder they Clash with Feminists | Women’s Liberation Radio News

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