Trans woman competes against girls as young as 12 – parents demand answers from ECB

Six first-class counties are demanding urgent answers from the England and Wales Cricket Board as to why a middle-aged player who transitioned from a man to a woman is being allowed to compete against girls as young as 12.

Telegraph Sport has seen multiple letters from coaches and parents whose daughters have faced the player, whose case has not previously appeared in the media, in club cricket matches. All express alarm at the safety implications of an adult carrying the residual physical advantages of male puberty playing in the same league as girls. One letter from a coach claims the player “hits the ball harder than any other I have seen in the league”.

It is understood that the player has previously caused injuries, although inadvertently, including one to an umpire and another to an opponent at county trials who was left unable to play for months. Some parents, disturbed at the significant inequalities of power between young girls and an adult who was born male, have threatened to remove their daughters from their league in response. One characterised the situation as “unacceptable, uncomfortable and dangerous”.


Source: Trans woman competes against girls as young as 12 – parents demand answers from ECB

3 thoughts on “Trans woman competes against girls as young as 12 – parents demand answers from ECB”

  1. i agree with Mick Hartley, 18th Feb
    “Asked about the latest controversy, the ECB responded that its transgender policy was under review. “Transgender participation is a complex area,” a spokesperson said.

    No it’s not. Always this pathetic prevarication – “ooh it’s such a complex business…”. It’s not complex at all. People should play according to their biological sex. If trans people want to set up a category of their own, well, fine. But no biological males should be playing in women’s sport. It’s as simple as that.

  2. I’m sorry but if my 12 year old daughter was playing in a match with a middle aged male I’d drag him off the field kicking and screaming.

  3. La jugada es perfecta y justo es eso lo que se pretende. Que se admita a hombres en deportes femeninos haciendo desaparecer a las mujeres de podios, distinciones, premios y becas, o las mujeres se retiran y que entonces desaparecerá el deporte femenino.
    Sin remedio. Imperdonable.

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