One thought on “Trans Women are Men . . .including Me – – Debbie Hayton”

  1. The headline is almost true, but it is still a lie; he is not a Trans Woman – he is a Trans Identified Man. Nowhere does he have the right to insert ‘woman’ in his identifiers. As for the outpouring of confused comments – some using female pronouns, others male, others both – and so many trying to cheer him on for being ‘brave’ (oh please). He is trying to emulate what he understands is a female stereotype (and get attention).

    It is time for psychologists to go into overdrive and figure out why so many men are obsessed with trying to be women – or even thinking they can try to be women. Do they hate being what they are? Do they imagine they will be happier, or get more attention, if they masquerade as maidens. Being older and (dare I say) a less attractive ‘drag queen’ than younger TIMS, does this one not get the attention he craves? Is being controversial – like this – the only way for him to get into the spotlight (until he is ‘cancelled’).

    And while they are at it, psychologists can try and figure out why so many non-trans people are obsessed with affirming the lies of these deluded Emperor’s in New Clothes. I certainly wasn’t a tomboy in order to get attention; I wanted to be free to do what I wanted to do and NOT be bound by restrictive gender stereotypes (and stay OUT of the spotlight). This transgender trend is drenched in ‘look at me’ narcissism.

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