Transgender advice ‘causing harm’ to children | The Australian

A panel of medical and legal experts and two women negatively impacted by gender reassignment surgery have told a group of Victorian MPs that the ‘affirmation model’ of care is causing irreversible harm to children, and undermining the parent-child relationship.
The group — who included “detransitioners” Jay Langadinos and Mel Jeffries, Queensland Children’s Hospital child psychiatrist Jillian Spencer, child and adolescent psychiatrist Peter Parry, paediatrician Dylan Wilson, plastic surgeon Ramin Shayan, Queensland Law School emeritus professor Patrick Parkinson and senior legal counsel Mark Sneddon — called for an urgent inquiry into Victoria’s conversion therapy laws.
The laws, passed by the Andrews government with the support of the Coalition in 2021, make it illegal to seek to prevent someone from expressing their gender identity, putting medical practitioners in danger of being found to have broken the law in situations where they do not believe it is in a patient’s interests to undergo a gender transition.
Tuesday night’s “Child Safeguarding and Consent Forum” at the Victorian Parliament on Tuesday night, was organised by Liberal Democrat MP David Limbrick and Liberal Party Legislative Council member Bev McArthur, who crossed the floor to opposed the 2021 legislation.

Source: Transgender advice ‘causing harm’ to children | The Australian

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